First and foremost, welcome!  Thank you for stopping by and browsing around, whether you’re looking for new, healthy and scrumptious breakfast ideas or just here to share my admiration for spirituality, yoga and the like, I hope that the information provided here will help you gravitate towards your ultimate goal.  For more information regarding the reason for starting this blog, read on:

As depicted in the title of this blog, I wholeheartedly abide by three main tenets in life:

1.) The responsibility of us, as individuals, to respect and heal our bodies from within by nourishing ourselves with healthy, wholesome, beneficial foods – this is where the concept of “eat” comes from.  Think of the body as a vehicle.  Without sufficient fuel, the vehicle runs poorly, chugging along instead of running at its fullest potential.  Likewise, replace fuel with food and the vehicle with our body – essentially, food should supply us with stamina, energy and means to progress through our day in an efficient manner.  Listen to your body after you provide it with clean, nutritious foods and after you feed it with empty calories, massive amounts of sugar and skyrocketing levels of sodium.  Quite a difference.  Therefore, we ought to find foods that serve us and our wellbeing.

2.) The importance of tapping into and continuously embracing our many passions in life, hence “play.”  In between working persistently and tending to other demands in life, I am also an avid proponent of making room for leisure time.  This could mean a million different things for a million different people!  Personally, I quite literally enjoy being in the kitchen with pots, pans, and cutlery surrounding me as I wonder about what recipe I should tackle next.  If I am not in the kitchen, I am usually out and about in the city or its outskirts, whether hunting down a killer pair of riding boots or paddle boarding out in Lake Las Vegas.  While in the company of others, I enjoy nothing more than a scrumptious meal and endless conversation.  As a segue to my second point, providing our bodies with proper nutrition allows us to actively pursue what we enjoy in life.  What does it mean for you?

3.) The ability to “meditate” not only in its traditional sense, but also as a means to reflect upon our choices and various paths through life.  Meditation, at its very root, moves beyond our consciousness and allows us to transcend the unconscious.  I find this to be most available to me either before my yoga practice or immediately after, in which the walls around me fall, and its surrounding space stretches indefinitely.  Objects that were otherwise there before slowly disintegrate in the ground, while I slowly begin drifting into a peaceful, tranquil, infinite darkness.  To make it more applicable to everyday life, I see the act of meditating as a way to become more in tune with our perception of the world.  We’re not always able to slip away quietly to find our peace of mind, but we can certainly control and reflect on our thoughts to face a situation differently.

Now that you understand more about my purpose for “Eat, Play, Meditate,” I sincerely encourage you embark on and/or continue the journey towards a healthy and passionate lifestyle.  Always leave room for self-improvement and continuous learning, for learning is a yearning that can never be quite satisfied.  Namaste!


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  1. Absolutely love your blog winnie ! I am so proud of you , and I myself want to change my eating habits, from your instagram posts I find myself trying new things , and I am so excited to see that you have took it to the next level with a blog ! Wish you the best of luck with your success, and continue to update.. I will be following ! xoxo

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